How wearables are shaping performance sports


Some might say that it wearable technology originated in the sports arena – fitness bands and trackers were certainly the first wearable tech to gain mass attention and consumer buy-in. It’s fascinating to see, then, in just a few short years how the industry has continued to embrace wearable and smart technology using it as an aid for enhancing sports performance in many ways other than a simple tracker.

Cognisess, for example, is exhibiting at next month’s Wearable Technology Show with a brand new product developed in association with Muse, which is the world’s first racing helmet to allow live streaming of the drivers’ brain waves to the pit crew. Forgive us, but how cool does that sound?

MyZone is also taking fitness wearables on a level with the launch a fully-fledged subscription service a la Netflix, and ActivBody is previewing Activ5, a wireless-enabled, handheld isometric-based strength training device that, along with the Activ5 Companion App, coaches users through five-minute full body workouts and measures data such as strength, precision and other personal metrics.

The Wearable Technology Show takes place 7-8 February 2017 at ExCeL London, and the inspiration and amazement doesn’t end on the expo floor. We have some incredible names from the world of sport on the conference programme, too, including Simon Jones, head of innovation, TEAM Sky, former Olympian Greg Whyte, Red Bull big wave surfer Andrew Cotton, British Cycling’s Emma Barton, the England Cricket Board Matt Johnson, head of physical performance systems and innovation, Leicester Tigers.

Our sports conference stream is incredibly strong this year and will explore how smart technology continues to create opportunities for improvements in performance. Delegates will learn how top professional teams are harnessing wearables and how data is not only measured but used effectively for impressive gains.

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