How to Become Invisible to UAV Drones


More and more often, UAV, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, can be found roaming our skies, For many this really isn’t a problem, but for some it poses a possible privacy concern, and shouldn’t be happening as much as it is. One of those people, Adam Harvey, an artist based in New York City, has designed a series of clothes aimed at hiding the user from these flying eyes in the sky.

The series of clothes includes a hoodie, scarf, and a burqa, which are both able to block any thermal imaging cameras that a UAV might have on board. Another part of the series is an X-ray radiation blocking shirt. Finally, a part of the series is an accessory which completely blocks phone signal.

While some might view this clothing as a bit much, for others it might be an important part of retaining your privacy. Really, that is the point of this series; it is becoming harder and harder to retain privacy. Currently the hoodie is selling for around $500.