How do Brits Feel About Wearable Tech?


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In the past we have talked about how consumers in the United States were feeling about the world of wearable technology. But what about consumers outside of the US? There are big markets and big possibilities out there. So today we are going to take a look at how consumers in the UK feel about the world of wearable technology.

According to research done by Rackspace the majority of Brits who have dipped a toe into the world of wearable technology feel that it has had some benefit to their lives. 63 percent of people in the UK were willing to say that wearable tech has shown an improvement to their health and fitness. About one-third of those UK users in the survey believe that it had helped them to advance their career. A whopping 46% of the users were willing to say that these devices had a measurable improvement in self-confidence.

Source: ZdNet

Image: Morgue File