Hövding invisible bike helmet will save your life, airbag style


invisible helmet 1
Nothing beats riding your bike around town like the kids in The Goonies. Sure, you probably won’t find any treasure but you will find good times and a healthily elevated heartbeat(Exercise is good.) You could, however, also find yourself in an accident. Biking, particularly down steep hills, can be more dangerous than eating Cinnabon for breakfast. Sure, everybody tells you to just wear a helmet. Problem solved. Only thing is helmets look stupid and hamper vision to boot. If only technology would come to the rescue.

Technology has come to the rescue! Boy that was fast. Swedish company Hövding has spent ten years and the equivalent of $10 million developing their, well, Hövding. This bike helmet will keep you safe using the sweet, sweet power of invisibility. How in the heck does that work? It’s not quite Harry Potter magic but it is magic all the same. You see, the Hövding starts as a humble neck warmer. It’s when an accident is taking place that it springs to action. It’s the airbag of the biking world. Finally!

The Hövding is available now but you may have to do some math to get it. Being as how it is made by a Swedish company, it costs 4,000 Swedish kronor. Don’t worry though. That works out to around $600. That still sounds like a lot for a helmet but what else are you gonna do? Look like a dork?

Do you want to see a video of this mystical wonder-item? Look no further than one centimeter below these words. We also have an image of the helmet in full-on “blow up” mode.