HOT Watch Smartwatch is Gesture Controlled and Filled With Apps


Here at Crunchwear we love our watches that do other stuff besides telling time. Not that we have anything against telling time, mind you. Watches should, of course, be pretty good at that as well. It’s just that, it’s 2013 and if something is going to be sitting on our wrists taking up valuable skin real estate then it had better be worth it. The wearable technology has listened to our complaints and come back at us with a litany of smartwatches from just about every company ever. Here is another forthcoming intelligent timepiece that will be heading to wrists near you.

The ridiculously named HOT Watch is not a watch that is powered by flame, rather it is a forthcoming smartwatch with a host of cool features and a pretty clean aesthetic to boot. If it reminds me on first glance of the Pebble, you wouldn’t be alone. The HOT Watch(come on) does a whole lot more, however. First of all, the whole thing is gesture-based which means no more fooling with clunky menus or having to plug it in to your PC to get anything changed. It also syncs up to your devices, by they phone or tablet, via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. That’s a nice little twofer. As far as the apps available with this bad boy? Everything you can imagine, from a function that automatically dials an emergency number if the wearer suddenly falls down to texting, pedometer read-outs, the ability to access social networks and more.

The HOT Watch(really this is the name) has taken its hot watch-ness to Kickstarter in order to raise funds for a successful launch. You can be the first, and hottest, watch-wearing kid on your block for the early bird price of $169. Here’s a HOT video.