Hot Pop Factory Creates World’s First 3D-Printed Wooden Jewelry


The rapid acceleration of 3D printing technology in our daily lives sure is something to behold. You can use these amazing inventions to create just about anything you want, be it wearable or not. The only downside is usually these creations are plastic, being as how that is the material the printers are most comfortable with slicing and dicing. One company is trying to change that however. How are they doing that? By designing a line of jewelry and accessories that are both 3D printed and made from wood. Pretty cool right? Wood is the new plastic!

Rapid-prototype firm Hot Pop Factory just unveiled the world’s first three-dimensional printed wooden necklaces. These amazing, and fully wooden, pieces of jewelry fall under a line of products they are calling Boreal, named after the forest. They use recycled cherrywood filaments instead of the typical powdered nylon and the end result even smells like wood. Even cooler? Each and every piece is completely unique, which is a far cry from your usual 3D-printed doodad. Now you can be the hottest dressed tribesperson at next year’s Coachella music festival.


These necklaces take around 42 minutes to print, which is about average for something of this size. Of course, if you have the printer and the materials these necklaces are pretty much free. If you lack the materials but you still want a one-of-a-kind wooden necklace, you can buy your very own for around $130. Be warned, however, once a particular design is sold out it is gone forever. You had better get on that.