Hoptroff No.10 is the Atomic Pocket Watch For The Rich Person in Your Life


Watches aren’t just for wearing on the wrist, you know. Our culture has a long and storied history with the humble pocket watch. These amazing doodads not only tell time, but occasionally show up as a plot point in both Sherlock Holmes mysteries and lengthy anecdotes spoken by Christopher Walken. In short, they are just as capable as regular old watches. But are they about to get smart? The smartwatch scene is blowing up lately and we here at Crunchwear would welcome a smart pocket watch scene with just as much gusto. Well, that isn’t quite happening. But this new pocket watch is still cool.

Hoptroff, who are a big player in the pocket watch scene, has prepped their astounding No. 10 pocket watch. What’s the deal with this thing? It tells atomic time, meaning it comes packed with its very own atomic clock. There will be no relying on radio signals for this bad boy. The innards of No.10 contains Symmetricom caesium gas chamber, which is what allows all of that atomic time telling. The watch is guaranteed to never, ever(ever) be incorrect. Now you’ll have absolutely no excuse when you stroll in late to your next business meeting.

Speaking of business meetings, if you want to get your hot pockets on this hot watch, you had better be prepared to pay handsomely. File this one under your “when I when the lottery” list as the No.10 will set you back a cool $78,000. You read that right. $78,000 for a watch. When they said time is money, they really were not kidding.