Honda Leases Walking Assist Devices



A couple years ago car manufacturer Honda created a number of walking assist devices. These devices performed a number of different tasks, the main one being for people going through rehabilitation, however it could also be used simply to make walking easier (lazy, I know). Well now the devices are finally being released to the public.

While the device looks kind of like a bulky metal exoskeleton, it is proving to be quite effective for patients going through rehab. Honda says that it also hopes to sell the device for people simply wanting to make long walks or sight-seeing trips easier, although I am personally skeptical about that ever taking off.

The research for the device was started in 1999, and the device itself was released in 2009, meaning that Honda put 10 years of research into the product before releasing it. Because of this, it is sure to be an effective product, and Honda certainly doesn’t have a history of making bad products.

The idea for the device is a very interesting one, and if it proves to be effective for rehab patients then well done to Honda. While I certainly don’t see the product ever taking off for consumers who want walking to be easier, Honda seems to have created a winner of a product for medicine.