Hitoe Clothing Uses Nanofibers to Monitor Your Heart Rate


There has been a lot of buzz the last several years regarding fitness trackers, vitality monitors and other forms of health-inducing pieces of wearable technology. These gadgets are great for forcing you to get off the couch via the tried and true combination of information and guilt. However, the only downside to this stuff is you have to remember to put them on. We already have so many things to remember in our lives. One more thing might be the straw that breaks the digital camel’s back. So, armbands are off the table, right? Don’t worry. Here is some clothing that does the same thing.

Introducing Hitoe, a Japanese clothing manufacturer that have their eye firmly set on the future. They’ve been experimenting with a new line of clothing that contains a series of nanofibers. These fibers are filled to the brim with nanobots that have one task and one task only, to keep track of your vital signs. All you have to do is quite literally wear one of these shirts, you need to wear one anyways or else you’ll get a ticket, and let the nanobots do the work. You’ll soon have your heart rate and whatever other information you need lickety split. Also, it’s not just shirts. They also have hats!

These are still in the prototype stage so for now you’ll still have to lug around those heavy armbands and smartwatches. We’ll let you know when more information is available. Here is a video so you can see for yourself.