This High Tech Handbag Charges All of Your Devices


Everyone loves that one infomercial with the frazzled guy drowning in smartphones and other misc gadgets, as a chorus of voices chant “gadgets! gadgets! gadgets!” Oh wait. That infomercial doesn’t actually exist. Well, it should! Nowadays, we carry a whole boatload of gadgets with us at any given time. There’s the smartphone, the tablet, the dedicated gaming design to start, not to mention the wearables like the smartwatch, the fitness band or, if you are cool, the virtual reality eyewear device. How do we keep track of all of these things? How do we find them when we need them? Also, uh, how do we charge them when we are out and about? Here is a potential solution, in the form of a handbag.

A company called Leoht, who are all about the wearable technology, recently used CES to announce a tech-heavy handbag that solves a lot of the problems the modern person has. It is packed to the gills with conductive fabric, connected to a hefty battery, so it can charge all of your gadgets on the fly. Also, it features a bevy of interior lights to make finding stuff a breeze, even in that darkened alley you like to hang out in (seriously, find a new hang spot.) There’s also a secret compartment, so you will always have a place for that safety deposit key you’ve been holding on to since the mysterious death of your great aunt.

The only drawback? These fashionable bags are going to be pricey, starting at around $300 and maxing out at twice that. That’s a lot of money for a battery and some lights, but hey, you are also paying to be so damned attractive. You can’t put a price on that! Also, these bags will be on store shelves by fall.