Heyrex is the Ultimate Fitness Tracker(For Dogs)


Science has long since proven that the more we get out there and boogie, the healthier we are. Since human beings, contrary to popular belief, are animals this adage also holds true for our beloved pets. That’s right. The less Fido lounges around on the sofa and the more he gets outside and exercises the better. As a matter of fact, exercise may be even more important for dogs considering that wolves run around all of the time in the wild. Monkeys tend to just hang out on trees eating their own feces. In any event, dog-based fitness trackers have become something of a niche device and now we have what just may be the mother of them all.

Introducing the Heyrex, a fitness tracker system that is built to suit the needs of your average dog. It’s waterproof, fits snugly on a collar and contains biosensors that track that canine’s every moment. The information is sent via a wireless antenna to your computer, be it PC, Mac or even Linux. This way you’ll know if your prized companion is outside laying on the grass, like a lazybones, or running on all fours like a true American success story.

It’s available to purchase now, which you can do by hitting up their website. How much does it cost? 968 doggie bones About 99 dollars. Check out this video of the Heyrex in action but, beware, it does include cute dogs to fawn over. Also, if you are into pretending you are one(a dog) you can buy it for yourself. It’ll still track your activity.