Hexoskin Releases its Biometric Shirt to the Masses


As future forward as smartwatches and smartbands are, they have one major detriment they aren’t getting over anytime soon. The watch and armband are items you must additionally place on your person in order to get their benefits. In other words,  you weren’t really clamoring to wear a watch or armband before you found out about all of the cool features. However, you already wear a shirt every day, unless you are one of the Baywatch crew or whatever. What if the shirt you wore could maintain most of the functionality of your smartwatch or smartband? Would you still reach for a clunky watch every day before leaving the house?

That is just the question Hexoskin has been asking ever since it first teased its biometric-tracking smartshirt. They aren’t the only company developing this kind of tech. Ralph Lauren has also recently announced an intention to upend the smartshirt market. However, Hexoskin’s has been in development the longest. However, up until now. much of the details on the product has been scant. This bad boy is equipped with sensors capable of tracking over 42,000 data points every minute. So, yeah, this is for serious exercise-heads only. It’ll track just about every stat imaginable as you go through your grueling physical training regiment. Also, if you are interested, it’ll track sleeping habits and other stats from your day-to-day life.

The coolest part? If you are a resident of the United States, you can order the Hexoskin shirt right now, as in this very minute. That’s the good news. The bad news? Just one of these suckers will set you back around $400. Hey. That’s only one cent per data point!