Here’s a Wristband That’ll Let Friends Know When You’ve Had Enough Booze


We’ve all been there. A few drinks turns into a few more and pretty soon you are kidnapped by a team of International organ thieves. You wake up a few days later in a dilapidated hotel room and a gaping wound on the lower left side of your chest. How in tarnation can we prevent such a tragedy? If only someone we cared about knew just how wasted we were and would have stepped in right before that charming young organ thief worked their wiles on us. Well, thanks to the majesty of wearable technology, now they can.

A group of researchers over at the University of Washington have been developing a bracelet that tracks just how drunk you are and then sends that information to your friends and family. Of course, you choose who you want it sent to so it’s not like your mom will be keeping tabs on your freshman year extracurricular activities. It has embedded sensors that monitor your intoxication and hydration levels and then beams them to the phones of your friends via their Facebook accounts. Also, the bracelet is equipped with GPS so, should the need occur, your friends can come to the rescue should you end up on a sketchy operating table somewhere. Let’s hear it for friendship!

Of course, this tech is still on the drawing board, so for now you’ll have to stave off organ theft the old fashioned way, by keeping an eye on how much you drink and ignoring people that attempt to flirt with you by saying ‘it sure looks like you have a nice kidney.’