Here’s a Guy Who Stitched a Computer Into His Arm


DIY Cyborg1
Whether you look forward to it or not, the future is coming and its coming fast. How long will it be before we are all part robot and we start communicating with the computer hive mind that controls the ultimate destiny of society? Ten years? Twenty? For some people that dystopian hellscape is arriving quicker than you had ever imagined. Take, for instance, this weird dude that recently stitched a computer into his forearm. Yes, you read that right. A guy actually stitched a working computer under his skin and into his arm. Aint the future grand?

Self proclaimed biohacker Tim Cannon is the above mentioned tech-obsessed gentleman. The, uh, surgery was self administered and now Mr. Cannon is the proud father of a bouncing baby arm-computer. Why would anyone stitch a computer into their arm? For fun, of course! No, it does have some uses. It is a biometric sensor that communicates said data to any Android device for instant perusal. Sweet. Now he can see how much he is screwing up his body by inserting a computer into his arm. This procedure has made this man the world’s first man/computer hybrid AKA cyborg. That’s one for the record books, we guess.

Is this the unavoidable future of wearable technology? We aren’t sure, but for his part, Tim Cannon is not planning on stopping any soon. He plans to go forward with implanting even more computers under his skin in the coming years. We’ll let you know of his progress and, more importantly, his steady decline into poor health.