Here’s everything we know about Google’s awesome head-mounted display


Unless you’ve been hiding under a digital rock somewhere, you have no doubt heard of Google’s forthcoming head-mounted display. These vaporous doodads are more-or-less the Segway of the modern age. Will they completely reinvent the world? Maybe. Will they make you look like a major dork as it changes? Absolutely. There is so much information that trickles down(Reagan was right!) through the Internet about these  glasses that it can be hard to keep track. You want to make sure you are up to all the latest Google gossip at your next tech-friendly dinner party, right? Crunchwear is here to help. We have compiled everything we know about the big G’s new baby. The revolution will be, um, glassified.

What are they called? They have no official sale name as of yet but people have taken to calling them ‘Google Glasses.’ Company-wide notifications suggests that Google is referring to them as ‘Project Glass.’ We just call them ‘The closest thing we’ve ever had to the Holodeck.”

When can I buy a pair? The company swears by the end of the year they will be available on store shelves. Some reports seem to indicate they aren’t as far along as they’d like us to believe, however. We are holding on to hope they make that deadline, what with the coming Mayan apocalypse and all.

What are they exactly? Just imagine wearing your smartphone as glasses and you’ll get the picture. The device offers up a head-mounted display complete with augmented reality, 4G connectivity and a full suite of apps to match. You’ll never have to answer the question “Hey, are those prescription?” ever again. Hipsters will be pleased.

What can it do? Well, it’s not out yet, but here is what we know so far. It can record video, answer and send text messages and email(via a Siri-like vocal component) and get directions. It also allows you to partake in video chats, web surfing and anything else you currently do on your tablet or smartphone. All of these applications are available in semi-transparent form so you can still see the world around you. Walking into oncoming traffic as you video chat is never fun. Here check out a video of the device in action.

Will the glasses interact with social networks? One can only assume, but Google has recently released a video that details how it will work with the company’s own social network, Google +. Here is that video.

Are they always gonna look that dorky? Not necessarily. What you are seeing is only a prototype design. The company even says the tech will one day be embedded in contact lenses. No word on when they’ll be tied with super dark sunglasses for you cool kids out there.

How much will they cost? Well it’s anyone’s guess but rumors put the price of these glasses clocking in at anywhere from $250-$600 a pair. That sounds fair considering you can’t even see through an iPad and those start at $500.

Will they help create a dystopian future where humanity becomes enslaved to awesomely addictive virtual worlds? Yes and we can’t wait! Bring on the William Gibson hellscape! It’s 2012. It’s at least 20 years behind schedule.

That’s it for now as the company has entered tight-lip mode. We’ll update this when we know more. Don’t worry. We are on top of things. Here are some more photos of people looking stupid while wearing them. You’re welcome.