Here’s a Bra That Simply Falls Off When You Clap Your Hands


Remember when the Clapper came out in the 1980s? It seemed as though we were headed for a time when every single thing in our lives would be turned on and off with the simple clap of the hands. Then, time passed, and nothing. We still have to turn handles and put on our pants one leg at a time. Well, being as how we are a wearable technology blog, we won’t get into the turning of handles but we can tell you that the pants one leg a time thing may soon come to an end. Well, instead of pants and legs, think bras and, uh, sides? That’s right. There is now a bra embedded with Clapper technology that will simply fall to the ground at the clap of the hand.

It’s called the Clap-Off and not only does it make nighttime maneuvering a lot easier, it also makes nighttime maneuvering a lot easier(Catch our drift?) It works similarly to the original Clapper, of late night commercial fame. There is not much too it than that. You clap, and it falls to the ground like a bawdy scene in a daytime soap or any scene in Game of Thrones. 

However, you can’t just go into Victoria’s Secret and pick one of these up. You have to go the DIY route and make one for yourself. Don’t worry! We have a link to instructions. It seems like a somewhat lengthy affair for something that could quite actually make you relive that recurring nightmare in which you end up in your old high school naked, but hey, at least its innovative.