Here’s a 3D-Printed Iron Man Helmet That is Gesture Controlled


Everyone wants to be a superhero. It’s an irrefutable fact of modern life. Every kid wants to grow up to be Superman. Every kid wants to grow up to be Batman, Wonder Woman or, uh, Ant Man. OK, not that many kids want to grow up to be Ant Man but, hey, he’s still pretty cool! We may be far away, magic wise, from being able to whip up a man whose resistance to our solar system’s gravity gives him superpowers, however, we can come pretty close to approximating the power of Iron Man. After all, Iron Man is basically just a rich dude who knows his way around exoskeleton technology. Long time readers of this blog know that this tech is growing at a rapid tech and it won’t be long before we actually out pace Mr. Stark. Here is another invention that gives credence to that theory.

One dedicated Iron Man fan has used the magic of 3D printing technology to create a fully functioning Iron Man helmet. By fully functioning we mean it snaps on and off via a head nod just like how RDJ does it in the movies. Essentially, this gesture controlled helmet is pretty darned close to the “real” thing. The electronics were rigged Arduino Pro Mini and an Adafruit accelerometer and the exterior was created, as previously stated, with a 3D printer.

Of course, this tech isn’t on store shelves, although you could make one of your on if you are electronically inclined. The creator will also design and manufacture one for you if you have $150 laying around. That’s chump change to a billionaire.