Helmet of Justice – A Black Box for Your Skull


Helmet 1
After a designer of the company Chaotic Moon was involved in a hit and run accident while he was on his bike, of which he was the victim, chaotic moon decided to develop the Helmet of Justice, a bicycle helmet that is aimed at helping cyclists that fall victim to that same crime.

The Helmet of Justice looks at first glance like a normal bicycle helmet. However it’s really a rather high tech device that combines the use of seven cameras installed inside the vents of the helmet, which together provide a 3D shot of the cyclist’s surroundings.

When an accident occurs, the sensors in the helmet detect the impact and the cameras, recording 30 frames per second at a 720×480 resolution immediately switch on and start recording. The data is stored to a removable USB drive that can be unplugged and the video file can then be viewed on your computer. This can be extremely helpful in helping cyclists know what happened in case of a hit and run, and can help them ultimately find the driver who hit them.

The Helmet of Justice is not only a great idea to help ensure that justice is given to those involved in a hit and run, but it is also a very stylish helmet. It is not yet being mass-produced, but a one off helmet will cost you $300. Chaotic Moon is also in talks with helmet companies to get the Helmet of Justice mass produced, and we should see these on the general market in the next few years.

Helmet 1