Hebrew University’s Yissum Research Development Company develops sonar-powered cane


This one is for all of you harboring fantasies of one day becoming Daredevil. Hebrew University’s Yissum Research Development Company has developed a cane that creates a sonar image of your surroundings. This, obviously, will be a boon to blind people.

It works sort of like a flashlight, only it emits sonar pulses instead of light. The pulses then let you know what kind of objects are surrounding you and where they are. You wave it around and when it picks up an object or a surface in its beam it vibrates. Depending on the strength and consistency of the vibrations, you may be in a solitary space or surrounded by objects and people. Not a bad little gadget.

There’s also nothing stopping us sighted folks from getting one. After all, we could use a little help going to the bathroom at night or traversing a dank and scary alleyway at 2 in the morning. Nothing scares off would-be muggers than a cane.