HeartMath’s Inner Balance Plugs in to Your Ear to Give You, Well, Inner Balance


heartmath-inner-balance-1    Life moves along at a dizzying pace nowadays. With great technology comes the ability to abuse said technology which can lead to anxiety, depression and all kinds of other things that end up with us laying on a couch as a serious looking person taps their notepad thoughtfully. In short, it’s great that technology is getting us things quicker and more conveniently but what about an even mind? Can wearable technology quite possibly make us legitimately content? One company is aiming to do just that with their just launched sensor.

HeartMath are no strangers to teaching people the benefits of meditative techniques in order to improve their overall well being. Now they’ve taken their tried and true methodology and adapted it to a wearable sensor, called Inner Balance, that rests in your ear. It connects to any of your iOS devices, be they pods, phones or pads. How does it work? Basically, you use an associated app to run through a series of exercises that try to teach you, ever so slowly, the magic of meditation. The app, and sensor, keeps track of just about everything, including your heart rate and brain wave function. The end result is the eventual know how on how to control your mood. That can’t be bad.

Of course, mental clarity don’t come cheap. One of these sensors will set you back around $100. Hey, at least the app is free. If you can’t afford it, there is always Youtube or stretching or, well, whatever.