Heapsylon to Offer Smart Socks in 2014



Did you ever wonder if you are running the right way? When it comes to your fitness how you do things is just as important as what you do, any trainer can tell you that. When it comes to running doing things the wrong way could lead to serious strain to your back, damage to your knees or your ankles and a lot of pain that you did not have to go through. So, should you only run with a buddy who can check your form?

Nope, wearable tech has you covered. Well, at least your feat. A Redmond-based start up called Heapsylon is looking to track the quality of your work outs with its special socks. The socks may not be stylish, for the time being they appear only to be plain white socks, but they are embedded with pressure sensors that can allow you to see how you are placing your weight on your feet as you move.

The socks have been dubbed Sensoria, and they are paired with a wearable anklet that allows them to communicate and store data on your smart phone. The socks are going on sale in 2014.

Source: Crazy Engineers

Image: Morgue File