This Headset Could Help With Those Anger Issues


Anger! Gruarrr. There is no worse feeling than uncontrolled rage that leads to punching holes in things that absolutely do not need holes punched in them. The Incredible Hulk, more than anyone, can attest to that. He told you not to make him angry, that you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, and yet you went ahead and did it anyways. In any event, gamers experience unbridled rage more often than that, causing many controllers to break against walls and what not. Luckily, there is some new wearable tech on the scene that purports to curb your rage-thusiasm, starting with video games and working its way down to, well, regular life.

The Immersion headset device is a new system designed by visual designer Samuel Matson. The idea is to create a system that measures biometrics as one plays video games, alerting the player when the biometrics turn from ‘casually annoyed’ to ‘rage-filled hate monster.’ It’s all based on the measuring of heart rates. Even cooler, is the system would intermingle with the games themselves, lowering the difficulty level if rage was about to occur, thus keeping players at an even keel which they can then carry with them in their regular lives(whatever those are.)

This is similar to the now defunct Nintendo peripheral called the Vitality Sensor. Samuel doesn’t have a release date or platform for his Immersion device, but it’s a dang good idea so we hope it ends up on store shelves soon. And if it doesn’t? Rageeeeeee!!