This Headset Commissioned by the Army Gives You Iron Man Vision


Q-WarriorHave you ever had that conversation with friends where you all wondered what super power you’d like to have given the chance? Of course you have! What one did you pick? Invisibility so you can wander around locker rooms being a creep? The ability to read people’s minds so you can date whoever you want like a creep? Flying prowess so you can get places faster, uh, like a creep? All of the above! Another popular choice is having the multi-faceted vision Iron Man regularly enjoys in his quest to rid the world of technology he actually had a hand in developing. Well, don’t look now, that technology is about to come to pass.

The United States ARMY has commissioned a helmet to be used by soldiers that has a surprisingly similar feature set to Mr. Stark’s original design. The military organization has teamed up with BAE Systems has just announced the first Augmented Reality (AR) headset for troops in the field. The headset is called Q-Warrior, and it is already being field tested by said troops. It features a single see-thru display that can overlay on your standard helmet and shows all kinds of relevant information, including personnel tracking, hostile enemy detection and waypoint information.

Of course, as stated earlier, this device is still undergoing field testing so it will be a spell before it starts showing up on battle fields. Then, it will be another spell before it starts showing up on store shelves. But the technology exists, so we can look forward to doing creepy things with it before too long