Headflat provides cheaper hands-free alternative to Google Glass


Don’t have $1,500 to spend on Google Glass? Well, a recent project posted on the popular crowd funding site, Kickstarter, may have a work-around that’s more reasonable for your plebeian bank account.

Dirk Keune inventor of the “headflat” is asking for a mere $49, and in return he’ll provide a head mount and cap to help you go hands-free with your smartphone. The headflat holds your device at a comfortable distance at eye-level, so you can watch movies and read e-books without having to cradle your smartphone during long trips or around the house.

Keune also promises hands-free gaming in his Kickstarter pitch with the help of the included wireless bluetooth controller. Two games, created by Keune and his team, will be available upon launch (provided the project is fully funded) to support the controller, but no other information on third-party app support has been discussed. Certainly, if there’s demand, more games will come in time.

While a neat idea, jutting your phone out in front of your face might provide opportunity for nefarious types to grab and go off into the night with your smartphone. Keune, however, did touch on the security of the headflat by demonstrating how you can spin around 360 degrees and the smartphone still stays attached.

Keune is looking to raise a total of $100,000 through Kickstarter to help fund his headflat project. If you want to get more than a pat on the back for investing in his invention, you’ll have to shell out $49 (not including $20 for shipping) to get the hat and game controller.