HeadBox Turns From Headphone to Boombox Instantly


The economy is in shambles. Not all of us have these “large homes” you keep seeing on television shows and reading about in romance novels. Some of us have to make due with very little space. How little space? So little space that we often have to decide between having a good pair of headphones and a music-emitting boombox. There is no room for both in our impoverished lives! These two gadgets are so diametrically opposed that there could never be tech that bridged the small gap between pumping music in our ears or pumping it in everyone’s ears, right? Think about smartypants. Here is something that works as both headphone and boombox.

It’s called, conveniently, the HeadBox. With the mere flip of a speaker, it transforms from a privacy-loving pair of headphones to a privacy-hating boombox. It’s the ultimate twofer! Additionally, it works wirelessly using the magic of Bluetooth, so you can finally let everyone hear those awesome demos you’ve been storing on your iPhone since 2009. Don’t worry. Everyone is gonna love them!

The battery life here is also off the charts. The creators say it’ll last 24 hours in headphone mode and 12 hours in boombox mode. Why, that’s two or three full parties depending on just how hard you and yours groove. The makers of HeadBox haven’t secured funding yet so they are asking for your help. How can you help? By being supportive giving them money via Kickstarter. For $199 you can secure yourself one of these bad boys when they ship.