This Headband Will Make You Have a Lucid Dream


Ah. To sleep, perchance to lucid dream. I think a guy named Shakespeare said that(more or less.) To the uninitiated, a lucid dream is just a regular dream in which you are aware you are dreaming. You see, most of the time when we dream our consciousnesses pretty much accepts whatever the dream throws at it. “Oh, my grandmother just robbed a ninja turtle and then turned into an eagle? Cool. That sounds logical.” Lucid dreaming, however, allows us to do whatever we want when we dream. It turns us into dream super heroes, basically. The trick is figuring out how to get into this state. Now there is some wearable tech to help us get there.

Introducing the appropriately named LUCI. This advanced dream-inducing headband is your ultimate tool to get you to a dream in which you show up to your middle school naked by choice. Here’s how it works. You strap on the headband along with accompanying headphones. The headband reads your brain waves and the headphones send the appropriate audio signal into your ears. The combination of these two things slowly, but surely, induces your brain into a wondrous lucid dream experience, in which you can eat all of the pizza you want and not get sick. It’s a wonderful world, indeed.

The LUCI headband system isn’t available on store shelves yet and, really, what kind of store would it even show up in? Last time I checked there weren’t too many lucid dream megamarts. However, the designers have put the device up on Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to finish. If you kick in around $150 you can be sure you are the first kid on your block who is flying around said block while wearing a ninja outfit. Here’s a related video on lucid dreaming.