Harry Winston’s Opus Eleven watch – Costs $250,000


There are expensive watches, and then there are expensive watches. The new Harry Winston Opus Eleven watch is a technical masterpiece. It was designed by infamous watch designer Denis Giguet of MCT. It has a beautiful steampunk vibe that is sure to be a selling point for some. You know what isn’t a selling point, though? The 250k price tag.

So yeah, this isn’t for the everyman. Still, if you can afford it this might well be the watch for you. The movement enlists 566 parts, most of which can be seen just by looking directly at the face. Sure it might seem minimal, but the case is made of 18k white gold and sapphire crystal.

This watch is super expensive, and doesn’t offer anything new except for sheer beauty. Still, if you have a quarter of a million laying around you could find worse ways of spending it.