Harman Incorporates Google Glass to Increase Driver Safety


If there’s one wearable that has the potential to set the world on fire, it would of course be Google’s pride and joy, Glass. These virtual headsets have slowly but surely been changing everything, from how we take photos to ,uh, how we take photos(seriously, it does a whole lot more than that.) However, Glass has potential for a lot of real world applications, given its heavy reliance on VR technology. One day doctors could wear these things to perform surgeries remotely, for instance. One company is taking Glass and trying to use it to make driving safer than ever before.

Harman, who are better known for speaker technology, are teaming up with Google and their Glass to create an application for drivers everywhere. Harman is calling it the advanced driver assistance services (ADAS) engine and it uses smart mirror technology to ensure a driver wearing Glass always has a birds eye view of every pertinent driving angle. This means a drastic decrease in humps and bumps, if you know what I mean. What, what?

Of course, Glass isn’t even being shipped to consumers yet, and something this cool will have to receive an OK from the government to ensure it ca be used on the road. In short, you have a long time to wait. We’ll let you know when you can rush out to buy a Glass to team up with your brand new Porsche.