HAPItrack – The Motivational Fitness Tracker



There are many fitness devices and trackers out there, but most of them rely on you to motivate yourself and they simply do the tracking. The idea behind HAPItrack is that you can leave both the motivation AND the tracking up to the device – well, for the most part.

HAPItrack, by HAPIlabs, consists of a small clip on device and an app for your phone. The device itself is quite small, and can track things like steps, distance, workout time and so on. But that’s not the best feature about HAPItrack. The great thing about HAPItrack is that it sends you messages to help motivate you to reach your goals, something that most fitness trackers do not do.

HAPItrack also comes with the HAPIlabs mobile app, which is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and allows you to better visualize your fitness history and progress and keep good records of your progress and milestones. You can also access the online dashboard at the HAPIlabs website, which allows a number of other features, such as the ability to manage all the data from your devices and the ability to set your workout objectives and goals.

HAPItrack also has a thing called HAPImoments, which is essentially for when you feel like you’re doing well in your workout. At this point you simply press a button called the HAPIbutton, and this allows you to share comments, pictures and videos of your workout and your progress. Essentially, this is HAPIlabs making working out more social, which is a great idea and could even introduce some competition to the mix.

Overall HAPItrack is a great idea. It goes beyond a simple fitness tracker, and also motives the user. Of course users can’t ONLY rely on the device to motive them – they still have to be the ones to get off the couch and jump over the pizza boxes, but at least while your working out HAPItrack will try and help you reach your goals. HAPIlabs also makes a product called HAPIfork, which helps with your eating habits. When coupled with the HAPItrack, this can mean a much healthier and HAPIer person!