HAPILABS smartfork yells at you when you overeat(really)


We all love eating. We here at Crunchwear we may actually love eating a little too much(Give us a break.) On that note, it’s suspiciously easy to overeat, especially in winter. One forkful goes in, followed by another and then another(and another.) How are we to know when to stop eating? Certainly not by following whatever rumblings are coming from our stomachs. The stomach doesn’t even know it is full until a full twenty minutes after you take your first bite. Good thing, sort of, wearable technology is on the case.

A fun-loving company called HAPILABS has taken to designing a fork that takes the guesswork out of eating. This, um, smartfork has sensors that can detect the speed and frequency at which you careen food into the never-ending chasm you call your mouth. If the fork thinks you are being the deadly sin known as gluttony, it lets you know. How does it do this? It vibrates, which is fork-speak for “hey slow down, you fatty!”

The HAPIfork communicates your eating habits to your smartphone, computer or a stand-alone monitor that is sold separately. This peripheral actually doubles as a fitness monitor if you are so inclined. It also suggests plans of attack to get you eat healthier, and eat less. The thought of a magical fork that knows when you’ve been naughty or nice might sound scary, but in practice it sounds like it can actually be really helpful.

The fork was just revealed at CES this week and the company has yet to announce when you’ll be able to head into a store and buy one, but they’ve suggested 2014 as a starting point. It’ll cost you around $100 when it ships. In the meantime, eat salad!