The HANSNAP Wearable Smartphone Case Makes Filming Stuff a Breeze


We’ve all been there. During a sudden, yet unremarkable, earthquake, you spy a cat doing something so cute, so outrageous that you are certain it will net you untold millions of Youtube views, with the subsequent fame and fortune to follow. You whip out your smartphone to film it but, thanks to that dang earthquake, you can’t get a steady shot. The result? You get like forty views and only one like. That fame and fortune? It never comes. Expensive video cameras have tripods and other odds and ends designed for filmmakers to get steady shots, even during crappy quakes. Now there is a simple, wearable smartphone case that purports to do the same thing.

The caps-loving HANSNAP smartphone case quite literally attaches to your hand to make filming stuff a breeze. It stabilizes your arm, which results in smooth handling with none of the bumps and jumps that typify normal movies made with a smartphone camera. It’s easy to get into camera-ready position and, of course, it is quite dandy for still captures as well. Photographs are no strangers to bumps and jumps, after all.

This useful little smartphone case isn’t out yet, of course. You’ll never guess where the creators of said case are raising money to finish manufacturing the unit. If you guessed Kickstarter, you get a prize (not really.) Speaking of prizes, however, you can preorder your very own HANSNAP for FORTY-FIVE dollars. Not bad for all of those assured Youtube hits.