Handyscope Scanner that Checks For Skin Cancer



I just love it when technology is being used for good. Often technology is used in medicine, and technology has been making leaps and bounds in the past few years in the field of medicine. But it’s not as often that we see medical technology that can be used by anyone. Well that’s just what’s happening with the new Handyscope skin scanner.

The device is being developed by researchers in Queensland, and it aims to eliminate the need for all the waiting involved with checking your skin for skin cancer. Normally, the process would involve making an appointment with a dermatologist, and then waiting for the results to come back. Now, using the Handyscope scanner, you can simply take a photo of the suspect area on your skin, and send it off to your doctor, who can look it over to see if the area could be a threat. The scanner also aims to improve early detection rates of skin cancer.

Skin cancer is extremely common. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans develop a form of skin cancer over their lifetime, and skin cancer is responsible for thousands of deaths every year. That’s what the Handyscope aims to change. If the cancer is detected at an earlier stage, then it’s much more likely to be able to be treated, which in turn could potentially save that persons life.

The Handyscope is currently only used for the iPhone 5 – it’s a slide on attachment that includes a special camera that can take extremely clear and close up images of your skin. The device is also great for recovering skin cancer patients who would have to see their doctor regularly, and could eliminate the need to schedule an appointment as often.

The Handyscope is a step in the right direction, and could be an extremely convenient and effective tool against skin cancer.