HandTree Portable Air Filter



It seems that the air quality in some big cities is just getting worse and worse and that there is little to nothing we can do to change our immediate surroundings when we want to. Sure, we should all be doing our bit for the environment on a long term scale – things like taking the bus, recycling, and so on. But things aren’t going to change at the snap of a finger. That’s where the Hand Tree personal air filter by Alexandr Kostin comes in.

The aim of the bracelet is to enhance the air around you, the air that you’re breathing, so that the wearer isn’t breathing in toxic pollution all the time. Essentially, the device “breathes” in gases, dust and pollution, and breathes out clean, fresh air. The idea was inspired by plants, which take in polluted air and emit clean air.

The goal is to get many people to wear the bracelet. If one person does it, sure it will be a good thing, but it won’t really make a big impact. But, if everyone does the same thing, it could have the same effect as a forest, with more clean air being pumped out than polluted air. The device can even scent the air if the wearer chooses to have that option.

The HandTree filter has two modes – one which is designed to clean air when obvious pollution is present in the wearers environment, and another to clean the air in general in order to reduce pollution.

Currently the device is in its design development phase at Electrolux, but hopefully it will be released soon. The goal is that these kinds of devices get more popular. They could come in different styles and colors in order to make them a fashion object, all the while cleaning the air around us. Who knows, maybe we could eventually see a smartwatch, air filter combination!