Hand-worn laser beam is powerful enough to blind people


Laser beams are cool. That much cannot be questioned. You know what’s even cooler, though? Laser beams that emit from your hand. Yeah, that’s some Iron Man junk right there. Well, it’s now a reality. Watch out, though. This hellish beam can make you blinder than a bat.

Patrick Priebe’s hand-worn 1,000 milliwatt laser is a unique entity. He used a two millimeter sheet of brass cut into a C-shape to fit into his hand, a Casio projector laser diode and lithium batteries. The laser can stay powered continuously for three whole minutes. Oh yeah, also, if it hits your eyes you just may go blind. Yowza.

No word on when these will hit store shelves, heralding a laser-borne apocalypse. We can’t wait!