Hand Tree Air Purifier is a Bracelet That Keeps Fresh Air Flowing


There must be something in the air(get it?) because today’s news is all about air purifiers. Earlier today we wrote the Ohita, a nifty air purifier that strapped to your chest. Now we have something similar that straps to an even smaller part of your body, your wrist. What’s next? Air purifiers that simply wrap around your head? Wait, we think those are called gas masks. Never mind us. The pollution is getting to us.

So yeah! Introducing the Hand Tree. This concept design is a bracelet that wraps around your wrist and keeps you forever ensconced in your own personal bubble of fresh air. There is no mask needed. It simply wraps around your wrist and then flush, flush, flushes the air around you like a tiny swirling and healthy vacuum. Maybe this technology can one day lead to whatever it is that the people on Star Trek have that allow them to walk around hostile alien environments like it aint no thang? We are going to say maybe, in three hundred years or so. Sometimes technology moves fast and sometimes technology moves slow. Sigh.

The Hand Tree, conceived and designed by Alexandr Kostin is, again, only a concept design. This means your wrist will have to remain free of air purification technology for now. In the meantime, you can always study the design and make yourself a cardboard version or something. It won’t make the air any cleaner but at least those around you might think so.