Hand-Tech Camera Glove Shows Off the Future of Wearable Tech


We are well aware of where wearable technology is it. We have Google Glass, intelligent watches and all manner of other wearable doodad for that. However, where is the industry going? What kind of amazing featuresets can we expect from our gadgetry in the near(or not so near) future. It is something that people often ponder. Once in a while a designer takes these ponderings, sets pen to paper and comes up with an idea so wacky, so wooly, that it just must exist at some point. Here is one such idea. Introducing the Hand-Tech camera glove.

Unlike other gloves, the Hand-Tech essentially turns your hand into the smartest camera you ever did lay eyes on. Designed by Francesca Barchiesi, this unique concept design will blow your mind. What would it be able to do, were it to exist? Well, the Hand-Tech camera glove would allow you to record via a camera and microphone, project images, measure, exchange data, and even translate sign language. This would all be done just by moving your hand around. It’s like Google Glass on, well, something akin to steroids but not quite because that analogy doesn’t exactly make sense.

Much of the tech doesn’t yet exist to make this glove a reality. For one, it would require mighty small, and flexible, transistors and circuitry. The processing speed to handle those tasks on the fly would also have to be quite high. The human hand is really fast, after all. Still, it’s a great concept design and one day in the very near future we’ll probably all be wearing gloves and taking pictures with them.