Hammacher Schlemmer Heated Vest keeps you warm



The cold winter season is now here with full force. Just about the right time to introduce another Wearable Electronic product that makes our life easier and warmer.

The Hammacher Schlemmer Heated Vest is the perfect attire for those cold wintery nights.

The Heated Vest is made of polyester fleece and is reversible: black on one side, gray on the other. It’s thin enough to fit under a jacket. The heating element is made of an embedded carbon-fiber mesh and infrared heater to evenly warm the fabric without the need for separate heating elements or heavy wiring.

The vest is powered by rechargeable batteries which give about 4 hours of continuous heating. Via the included controller, the heating can conveniently be turned on and off. The electronic part- the battery case and controller, can be removed when the vest needs cleaning in a washing machine.

The price is reasonable at $ 129.95 and can be ordered online directly by Hammacher Schlemmer.