The Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face – The Watch With 2 Faces



For many people, it is important to own a watch that goes with each outfit. A watch that goes well with a classy tuxedo might not be the best choice for a saturday afternoon BBQ. For that reason, owning watches can get very expensive very quickly. Maybe that’s why Hamilton has created a watch with two faces which look very different from each other.

The twi faces of the watch are located on opposite sides of the wristband, so when you are proudly displaying one face, the other face is hidden underneath the face that’s being displayed. Hamilton claims that this watch is the first of it’s kind, and the first watch to offer both an LED digital watch and an electronic watch.

Not only can the different faces be used for different styles, but you could also use the two-faced watch to keep track of multiple time zones.

If this seems like the watch for you, you had better be prepared to shell out a bit of cash. Hamilton is only planning on making 888 pieces, each of them costing a not-so-cheap US$6,195. That’s simply the price you pay for a watch with so much functionality that it has two faces!