Halo Sweatband with Built in Headphones



Many of us like to work out to the beat of our favorite tunes, which normally means using earbud style headphones. The only problem with these is that they can fall out, and can be uncomfortable. For those of us who like the look that comes with wearing a sweatband, you might be interested in this sweatband by Halo.

The special thing about these sweatbands is that they have built in speakers which can be positioned anywhere along the the sweatband. One would assume that the ideal position for them would be over the wearers ears. The aim of these sweatbands is to be as comfortable as possible, even to the point of being able to sleep while wearing them.

The great thing about these sweatbands is that they eliminate the problem of uncomfortable earbuds and are even washable, as long you remember to take the speakers out first. They also don’t put pressure on the ears which is great for people with sensitive ears.

Halo headphones sweatbands come in a range of 6 different colors and a few different packs with different numbers of sweatbands and color choices.