HALO Mini is an Illuminated Dog and Cat Collar That Keeps Your Pets Safe


halo-mini-1Here are Crunchwear we love animals. We are also tickled pink that the wearable tech industry is slowly but surely including our favorite furry friends. Check out these collars, for instance. So how long will it be before the more innovative aspects of the industry spread to canines and felines? Not too long, if the glut of forthcoming products is any indication. On that note, we have another special collar for you today. This one is not only heavy on the wearable tech, but is also heavy on that whole pet safety thing us animal owners care so much about. Introducing the HALO Mini.

The HALO Mini is essentially an LED-driven collar that keeps pets brightly lit while they are outside, particularly at night. Once charged, the collars last for a whopping seventy-five hours. Even cooler? They take only two hours to achieve a full charge. That is a whole lot of stick carrying and squirrel chasing. Not only do they increase the safety of our beloved pooches and kitties, but they also increase their fashion sense. The Mini is available in three different neon colors and two different sizes, to accommodate pets of all sizes. If anything, people should wear these too. That night sky sure is, uh, dark.

HALO’s Mini animal collar is not yet out for purchase, but the designer has taken to Kickstarter to secure funding. With 41 days to go, as of this writing, it has already doubled the asking amount. So we can sure this simple, yet elegant, idea will begin to show up on store shelves. You can nab one early by kicking in $29. Here are some videos of a dog enjoying the heck out of his Mini.