Hackable LED Helmets Made by Daft Punk’s Technical Effects Artist


Helmets certainly are useful. These heavy, mostly, blocks of plastic and rubber are the perfect way to avoid destroying our noggin during a bicycle or motorcycle(or walking if you are really clumsy) accident. Still, they do lack one major technological innovation – the ability to be hacked to look like pretty much anything you want using the magic of LED lighting. Thankfully, that will soon be a thing of the past if this snazzy helmet kit has anything to say about it(which it does.)

Introducing the Hackable.me helmet kid. As you can tell right from the name, this thing is meant to be hacked. It comes with a series of LED lights that you can put anywhere and program to do just about anything. Want them to blink “HI” at certain intervals? You can do that. Want them to come alive and eat all of your Reese’s Pieces? Well, you can’t do that. But as long as it is something like the former you can most certainly accomplish it.

The whole thing is actually designed by one of Daft Punk’s supreme technical wizards, Brent Heyning. He’s also a master Hollywood prop artist, so you know your cranium will be in good hands. You can get those good hands on this kit by hitting up their Indiegogo campaign and choosing which one you’d like(there are several combination packs.) In the meantime, just tie a bunch of Christmas lights to the helmet you already use. Nobody will know the difference! OK, they might. Here is a video of some of Brent’s handiwork.