This Guy Made an Exoskeleton That Allows For Heavy Lifting


The race to see who can turn themselves into Iron Man first sure is heating up. It might seem as though Robert Downey Jr. has the edge up on the competition but one must also realize that all of the technology he uses in those movies is utterly and completely fake, drummed up by special effects wizards in some dorky compound in Hollywood. However, some people are creating true-to-life exoskeletons and suits that let them achieve outrageous feats of strength. Here is one right now, a simple exoskeleton that allows its creator to lift up giant cinder blocks with ease. Next stop, flight.

The Elysium exoskelet0n was designed by a man named James Hobson who goes by his very own superhero moniker, the Hacksmith. (Way to hide your secret identity there dude.) His marvelously designed exoskeleton allows him to pick up four giant cinder blocks like he’s lifting up a a dozen eggs. It has turned him into a superman! How does it work? It used a compression-based system to allow the feat. It must also be noted that he is only running it at half pressure to allow for the 171 pounds of cinder block to be picked up, so theoretically it could lift double that. So, the Hacksmith’s main superpower seems to be helping his friends move. That piano? No problem.

Of course, this is only a working prototype, so don’t go camping out at your local exoskeleton store looking for your very own Elysium. Until this technology becomes readily available, you’ll have to lift stuff the old fashioned way, with your dang underused muscles.