Green Goose sensors monitor everything you do


We all love having parts of our lives monitored, so why not go that extra step? San Francisco start-up Green Goose is on top of that next step with their Green Goose sensor devices. These tiny transmitters mount to just about anything and begin their silent monitoring.  Best of all? They wrap the whole thing in a clever role-playing game package.

Here is how it works. The transmitters feature embedded custom 915MHz radios and MEMS accelerometers. You attach them to something, then the fun starts. Say you attach one to a water bottle, the transmitter will report back with your actions and then up your “score” of the included RPG simulator. Brush your teeth on time and maybe you’ll gain a level. The same goes for going to the gym, making a spinach salad or kissing your wife. The possibilities are endless.

A set of transmitters is $24 and extra units cost just $4 a transmitter. Not bad for the sense of well being that comes along with gaining experience levels for doing all of the things you do anyway.