Gravity of Light LED pixel hat will keep your head looking bright


Let’s have a tip of your hat to the humble, well, hat. These useful, and often aesthetically pleasing, slabs of leather/cotton/whatever have certainly enhanced our quality of life. Why, they protect us from the elements, make us look stylish and even cover up our bald spots! Not bad for a small piece of felt with a baseball team’s logo on it. It’s about time they received the wearable technology treatment. It’s about time indeed.

Hold on to your, um, headgear because the hat’s time has truly come. Introducing the Gravity of Light, a hat that lights up using the magic of LED. The Gravity of Light was designed by Younghui Kim and  Yejin Cho and it is quite the looker(as you can see in the photos and video.) It questions the concept of light, by giving it gravity like water tends to have. At first glance the hat looks to have a macrame feel, yet the duo used 3D printing technology to bring the cap to life.

It’s cool because when the wearer moves from side to side, it almost looks as if the light is dancing. Ah, Crunchwear is getting poetic in its old age. We, after all, around two years old. Time to start crawling, eating solid food and waxing poetic about the ephemeral nature of light. Of course, this is only a concept design for now but we all know how fast technology moves. It won’t be long before you’ll be able to buy something similar in stores.