Grathio Labs presents the Tacit, hand-mounted sonar device


There’s been some cool advancements in sonar technology in the past few years, but nothing compares to this. Grathio Labs has readied its Tacit. This device could single handily revolutionize how the blind deal with their surroundings. Why? The Tacit is a hand-mounted sonar device.

The system works using ultrasonic sensors that are mounted to a device that the user simply holds in their hand. Dangerous objects are sent to the user via an Arduino-controlled controller and the end result is smooth sailing in the walking department. The device lets the user know if objects are close by squeezing around their hand, which seems more elegant than letting out a beep or something.

The whole thing is powered simply by a 9V battery. Of course, it’s a ways off from being available at retail. When it does come, and it will, it’s going to make a lot of vision-impaired people very happy.