Got $3,000 ? HoloLens can be yours…


Microsoft is opening up sales of its HoloLens augmented reality headset in the US and Canada.

Users there can now order up to five HoloLens development kits apiece, instead of going through an application process.All you will need to do is to go to the HoloLens website, open a Microsoft account and er, pay $3,000. Purchasing the device, however, will request customers to acknowledge that the product they are buying is not the finished product that Microsoft intends to roll out to consumers. Customers looking to buy the HoloLens will also be asked to not resell the device, and to also acknowledge that refunds will not be allowed.

Microsoft have also announced the HoloLens Commercial Suite, which is a result of feedback from companies looking for a version of the augmented reality headset they can safely use within their businesses. The package includes the Development Edition headset and enterprise features for additional security measures and device management options. These include a “kiosk mode” that limits it to running certain apps.