GoPro action cameras can be stuck anywhere, about the size of a matchbox


gopro action cameras 1
If we are gonna do this dystopia thing, let’s do it right! First of all, we need wearable cameras all over the place that will record our POV so we can start building a database of experiences for a future virtual reality device like in Strange Days or any other number of dystopian fictions. Luckily, these cameras are getting smaller and more powerful by the day. It won’t be long until they are but the size of a humble matchbook.

Oh wait, that day is already here. Introducing GoPro’s new line of teensy-tiny cameras, the Hero3. These simple, two-button cameras sacrifice a display screen for size. It is no larger than a matchbox and nearly just as light. The Hero3 also sports Wifi, which lets you stream content from the camera directly to your smartphone, thus making the phone act as a display screen of sorts. These cameras are also capable of recording 4k video at 12 fps. That’s video where each frame has a resolution of 4096 x 2160. It’s worth noting that nothing you own at the moment can even display this resolution. Better to be prepared for the future than to be left behind, we guess.

The Hero3 is available now at the, surprisingly, low price of $200. This is a full hundred dollars less than their previous model, even though the tech has received quite the upgrade. It’s too bad Apple doesn’t run with this pricing philosophy. Our collective wallets would be a lot fuller. Check the video below for people doing cool stuff with the camera that we’ll never, ever do.