Google Unveils Major Glass Update – Improved Voice Commands and Video Player Included


If you follow the world of wearable technology, and you most probably do, you have no doubt heard about Google’s marvelous glass eyewear device. This thing is everywhere, well except in consumer’s hands as it is not “technically” out yet. Early adopters, codenamed Explorers, have had their hands on the unit for a couple of months now. They have acted as unpaid beta testers, coming up with complaints that Google has time to fix before the official release. To that end, the company has just rolled out a gigantic software update that adds a whole bunch of stuff people have been clamoring for.

First, and perhaps most noteworthy, is the addition of video playback. The fact that Glass didn’t always have this functionality is pretty mind boggling considering how cool and futuristic it must feel to watch a movie floating in mid-air. All you do is tap a video to play it and early word is that it works great. Also, the manufacturer has added Evernote and Path support, increased support for hashtags and boosted SMS support. Additionally, the voice control has been tweaked which should result in more accurate results and less frustration. You no longer have to say “Okay Glass” and wait for it to catch up with you, for instance. You can just talk in normal sentences and the OS should be able to keep up. This does not apply to John Moschitta. 

The release is expected to roll out to users over the next several days, so if you haven’t received yours yet there is no cause for alarm. Of course, if you are reading this in the future and you still haven’t received the update than it could be cause for alarm.