Google Starts Its Very Own Wearable Technology Platform


For many ages now, there has been a whisper floating through the world. It spoke of a company called Google who would soon be getting into something called the wearable technology industry(besides Glass.) This whisper made its away through the forest and the through the reeds, through the grand structures called buildings and even through all kinds of awkward first dates. Well, look what happened, these whispers turned to be absolutely correct. Google just threw itself big time into the wearable tech game. Will they win all the loot or flail about miserably? It’ll probably be the former, being as how its Google and all.

Google just created a hub for all things wearable called Android Wear. This will be more or less a new OS and a “line” of wearables that are made in concert with Google and another party. Think the Nexus platform but for wearables and you’d have a pretty good starting point. They’ve already announced partnerships with Motorola and LG, who will each be producing smartwatches that uses the platform. Speaking of smartwatches, Google says it’s going to focus its energy primarily on the little buggers for now, being as how they are a burgeoning sector of the industry. Who knows what they’ll turn their Orwellian eye to next, though.

Speaking of the OS, it includes a nifty new feature called Google Now, which allows for full voice control over your wearable. Booyah! I’m gonna tell mine to get me a pizza, then I will eat said pizza, then I will take a long, angry nap. The first of these watches will be appearing on store shelves this summer.