Google Smartly Releases Specs for Upcoming Google Glass Smart Specs


For so long now, when we talked about Google Glass, we had to couch our narrative in a fair amount of rumor and mysticism. Google’s forthcoming smart glasses have been an omnipresence on this site for so long now, and it’s hard to believe, but we haven’t had too many bona fide specs for the little thing. As the release date nears, that is starting to change. The information first started to trickle in and now it is beginning to show. Ladies and gentlemen, here are the specs for the dorky yet amazing thing you’ll most probably find sitting on your face later in the year.

Some of these specifications we already knew, using bone conduction for the audio as an example. The company has dropped a whole lot of new information on us today, though. Glass will be charged via a packed in micro USB charger. The company says you can use any old micro USB but they’d prefer you’d use there proprietary blend. They couched this in a Star Trek metaphor, oddly. Also, the glasses will feature 16 GB of flash storage, with 14 GB of this always accessible via the magic of the cloud. The camera will shoot 720p video and snap 5MP photos.

Interestingly, and thankful, Google has announced they are disallowing app developers from having advertisements in-app. This means we’ll have to wait a little but longer before that particular ad-drenched dystopia happens. The company has also disallowed app-developers from charging for apps, which is cool but we wonder how they plan on making any money. Oh well, we’ll find out soon enough! Stick it here and we’ll let you know more info as it develops.